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עודכן ב: 29 נוב 2020

Corona-virus crisis and trauma will change some very common habits mainly concerning crowd events and social meetings in general. Staying in a room hotel, eating in a restaurant, shopping at the mall, or using a public toilette seems now much more unusual than before. Even so, people will not give up easily on those standards. Here comes technology and more specifically – Virtual Reality technology, focusing on those experiences requiring an emotional impact or physical perspective assessment.

However, innovative technologies create new needs. Watching the sunset at an exotic resort from home could be very cool, but not when wearing a half a kilo clumsy headset and looking through a tunnel. To provide the required experience, VR headsets need to become convenient to wear and to provide an instinctive field of view and high-quality vision.

Virtual Reality stereo slide viewers exist for decades, starting from the View-Master introduced in 1939 with significant commercial success. VR devices made outstanding progress through the years and provide amazing contents but still, those are far from fulfilling expectations and therefore commercially restricted to a very focus market consisting mainly of gamers. You will hardly see somebody wearing a VR headset on a train, also this is obviously required. But, if VR devices will be small, light, and stylish and will deliver an intuitive view perception, then penetrating the mass consumers’ market will be achievable.

Reality+ team developed a new method for near-eye display enabling those desirable qualities, overcoming the Lagrange Invariant physical restriction by a solution integrating optical physics and image processing logic. The concept is that, similar to sunglasses and headphones, everyone will carry a pair of VR glasses, all the time, everywhere. Use cases will range from entertainment, consisting of games and TV shows, through virtual tourism and relaxation and up to mental training. Consumers’ age will wide range too. Corona crisis is pushing Virtual Reality innovative implementation much faster than expected.

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