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In the near future electronic and computing devices will gradually be replaced with smart glasses. Digital content, information and notifications will be integrated in the real world around us. The real world will become everybody’s communication media fully personalized in real time. Virtual Reality will dramatically improve and become standard in many fields comprising entertainment, training and education, healthcare and others. 
While AR and VR headsets have made very significant progress in the last decade, those are still bulky and heavy and do not deliver an instinctive visual perception of the virtual scene, therefore not achieving cultural acceptance.  SoftOptics™ technology by Reality+ provides the required performance comprising natural field of view and high quality resolution within a stylish pair of glasses.
We believe that based on SoftOptics™ revolutionary technology all eye wear in the future will comprise AR and VR smart capabilities. These days we start collaborating with major global entities to make it happen.



SoftOptics™ is a patent protected Near Eye Display (NED) method consisting of propriety optical structure and light manipulating algorithm allowing ultra-wide FOV within an efficient form factor.

Our method integrates a physical solution – a unique lens, and a logic algorithm which together encodes and manipulates the image and decodes into the center view, allowing the said qualities within a convenient form.

Further than SoftOptics™ technology Reality+ developed several methods including the ability to anchor virtual objects superimposed to the real world as seen through AR glasses and the ability to anchor virtual sound within 3-dimensional perspective to the real world.  


Social isolation in Corona days is creating growing expectations from VR applications in all fields. Therefore, we are accelerating our VR Near Eye Display product to be ready as soon as possible. Together with our business partners, which creates the end products, we are committed to allow a great user experience.


Driven by Passion - Reality+ was founded by serial inventor Daniel Grinberg in 2018, based in Daniel’s patents and by gathering a small team of top of the industry professionals leaded by Shmulik Huppert - CEO, Shay Haim - VP R&D, Aviad Hellman - Director of Technology, Pini Shpater - VP Optics and Arnon Aviv - Chief Mechanical Engineer. Since its foundation the team made outstanding breakthrough creating SoftOptics, a game changing Near Eye Display solution. 


These days we are starting collaboration prospects with global leading firms with the goal to enable innovative smart wearables in different fields comprising consumers, communication, professional, training and education, healthcare, tourism and navigation. Our role is to provide the optical solution.



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